Little Dancers

Little Dancers
First Steps
Age 2
30-minute class
This age level will work best when the parent attends with the child (optional). This class is a fun study of creative movement utilizing props, stories and music, with enough ballet to make her feel like a ballet princess.


Second Steps
  Ages 3 and 4
  45-minute class
At this point, children should be attending class without their parents. Basic ballet position of the feet and arms,    and basic ballet steps are introduced. A love of song and dance along with improvisation is encouraged.


Ages 5 and 6
1-hour class
A continuum of early ballet with the addition of basic combinations of movement. The incorporation of tap movement helps to build rhythmic skills as well as develop an understanding of counting the music and/or beats.


Boys Tumbling
Ages 3 and 4
This class is athletic and will keep your boy moving! Activities and exercises include obstacle courses, push-ups, jumps, and simple gymnastics such as forward rolls, monkey rolls, hand and head stands, etc..