Dance Classes
Class levels:
Audience of One reserves the right to determine the class level for every student through its evaluation procedures, regardless of prior, recent, or current training.

Dance Classes:
We offer classes in classical ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, tap, hip hop and tumbling. We also offer private lessons. For class information, Please call Karen Napier at (850)271-2061.

To take a lyrical or contemporary class a student must also be enrolled in a ballet class. 

Audience of One 2019-2020 Schedule

3:00-3:40      Boy’s Tumbling ages 3-4   (Alex)

3:30-4:15     Preschool Ballet/Tap        (Karen)

4:00-5:00    Level 2 Contemporary       (Emily)

4:00-4:45     Jazz ages 9-11                     (Alex)

5:00-6:00     Level 2 Jazz                         (Emily)

5:00-5:55     Intermediate Ballet 9-12  (Alex)

6:00-6:55     Ballet/Jazz ages 7-9            (Emily)

6:00-6:55     Ballet/Jazz ages 5-6            (Karen)

6:00-7:00      Teen Ballet *                        (Laura Jean)

7:00-7:45     Pre-Pointe/Pointe 1              (Laura Jean)

*Teen ballet is an excellent ballet class for dancers who do not aspire to the rigid requirements of advanced ballet/pointe, but enjoy ballet and need to fulfill the ballet requirement to take a contemporary dance class. Students who attend an advanced ballet class may take Teen Ballet as an additional ballet class.


3:15-4:00    Introduction to Acrobatics   K5-7 Years  (Alex)

3:35-4:00    Tap K5-7                                 (Katie)

4:00-5:00    Ballet/Jazz    K5-7                    (Ms. Katie)

4:00-5:00    Jazz ages 12 and Up              (Emily)

4:00-4:45    Level 1 Acrobatics                   (Monica & Alex)

5:00-5:45     Intermediate Tap                    (Monica)

5:00-5:45     Elementary Hip Hop                (Emily)

5:00-5:45     Elementary Contemporary     (Alex)

5:45-6:30     Level 2 Acrobatics                    (Monica & Alex)

6:00-6:50      Ballet/Jazz 7-9 Years #              (Katie) 

6:30-7:15      Preschool Ballet/Tap              (Karen)

6:00-7:15       Advanced Ballet **              (Laura Jean)

7:15-8:00    Pointe 2                                     (Laura Jean)

#This class is for the child who is very serious about excelling in ballet. Instructor placement is required. Dress code and hair requirement must be followed.

***Advanced ballet is for the serious ballet student who loves ballet. If the student aspires to dance “en pointe” a pre-pointe/pointe class must also be taken.


(Wednesday classes will be held at the Roberts Hall on Florida Avenue in Lynn Haven until further notice.)

12:45-1:30   Preschool Ballet/Tap    (Karen)

3:30-4:15     Ballet/Jazz Ages 6-8        (Jamiah)

4:15-5:00     Jazz ages 9-12                   (Jamiah)

5:00-5:45     Ballet ages 9-12                (Karen & Jamiah)

6:00-6:45     Preschool Ballet/Tap        (Karen)


3:00-4:00    Contemporary 3*                 (Emily)

4:00-4:45    Jazz 3*                                 (Emily)                                 

4:00-4:55    Ballet/Tap K5-8 Years         (Alex)

4:45-5:30    Middle School Hip Hop       (Emily)

5:00-5:45    Advanced Tap                        (Monica)

5:15-6:00    Strength, Flexibility & Conditioning  (Roxanne)

5:30-6:30    Contemporary 11 & Up       (Emily)

6:00-6:50    High School Hip-Hop         (Roxanne)

6:00-6:45   Level 1 Acrobatics               (Monica & Alex)

7:00-8:00   Teacher’s Class       Begins in October (Monica)

*Level 3 classes are geared toward the serious dancer who takes 3 or preferably more classes weekly. Enrollment in a ballet class is required.


To take any contemporary class a student must be enrolled in a ballet class.